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Cleanroom Software Engineering and IfSQ

The Cleanroom Software Engineering process is a software development process intended to produce software with a certifiable level of reliability. The Cleanroom process was originally developed by Harlan Mills and several of his colleagues including Alan Hevner at IBM[1]. The focus of the Cleanroom process is on defect prevention, rather than defect removal. The name Cleanroom was chosen to evoke the cleanrooms used in the electronics industry to prevent the introduction of defects during the fabrication of semiconductors. The Cleanroom process first saw use in the mid to late 80s.
—From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (June 2010)


Relationship between Cleanroom Software Engineering and IfSQ:
The intention of writing code to a programming standard is to assure the reliabilty and maintainability of the end product. With that objective in mind, IfSQ has produced and published standards which can be applied to programs written in any language for any platform.