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IfSQ Level-2: A Foundation-Level Standard

Cover of IfSQ Level-2 Standard

The IfSQ Level-2 Standard for Computer Program Source Code adds an additional set of defect indicators to those contained in Level-1 to create a more comprehensive measure of software quality.

Aside from the additional defect indicators, there are two main differences between Level-1 and Level-2. Firstly, the two standards require differing levels of expertise in order to identify defects. The defect indicators in Level-1 are sufficiently obvious and easy to identify that anyone, regardless of programming experience, is able to perform a Level-1 assessment. The Level-2 standard on the other hand requires a more advanced level of programming knowledge and experience.

Secondly, whereas Level-1 is essentially objective in its assessment, in Level-2 we actively promote discussion between the assessor and the programmer, by requiring the assessor to use his professional judgement to look for and identify potential issues, which we refer to as Causes for Concern (CfCs) and to resolve his concerns directly with the programmer.

The Level-2 Standard is still concise enough, however, that an assessment can be performed quickly by an individual. Level-2 inspections are extremely cost-effective because the savings made by finding defects early greatly outweigh the costs of the assessment.

In the Level-2 Standard, we look for the following defect indicators: The IfSQ Level-2 Code Inspection Overlay