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Journal Paper: Cover of Software Quality Professional

Document Inspection as an Agent of Change

  • D. Holland
  • Recorded 1999 in Software Quality Professional Link to Software Quality Professional at www.asq.org/pub/sqp, 2, no. 1, December
  • Pages 22-33
  • Abstract:
    Software inspections can be the starting point and driving force for continuous process improvement. Defect data collection, root-cause analysis, and defect prevention should be built into every software inspection program. This article provides a case study of its application in support of a management goal: a product that is recognized as the best of its kind on every measurable scale.
  • Link:
    Document Inspection as an Agent of Change Link to Document Inspection as an Agent of Change at www.asq.org/pub/sqp/past/vol2_issue1/Holland.html

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