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Journal Paper: Cover of ACM Sigplan Notices

Some Pascal Style Guidelines

  • David Marca
  • Recorded 1981 in ACM Sigplan Notices Link to ACM Sigplan Notices at www.sigplan.org, 16, no. 4, April
  • Pages 70-80
  • Abstract:
    The need for developing a style of writing Pascal programs to allow reasonable rehosting success prompted a study on Pascal style. Presented is a subset of guidelines developed from that research, plus some philosophy behind proper interpretation and enforcement of those guidelines. Styling is defined for the programming areas of: description using comments, expression with identifier names and conditionals, and the constructs of block, decision, repetition, and qualification. Enforcement of style and using it in a practical setting are also discussed.
  • Link:
    Some Pascal Style Guidelines Link to Some Pascal Style Guidelines at portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=988140

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